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1. Don’t get yourself suspended or banned as you could miss out on your happily ever after person!

2. Don’t send dick pics! We know you want to shock, impress or receive naked selfies in return but the reality is 99% of people will block you! But FOBO won’t block you… we’ll ban you! See Rule 1.


3. Don’t send offensive messages or write offensive comments on posts. See Rule 1.


4. Don’t try to scam people, promote other apps, groups, events, a distant relative has inherited £10million but you need £100 to claim it. Please help me schemes. See Rule 1.


5. Buying, selling or promoting Bitcoin or any crypto. See rule 9.


6. Don’t get caught being a narcissist or you might cut off your primary source of supply. See Rule 1.


7. Don’t ghost people. If you’re not interested or lose interest do the right thing and say “hey I’m not the kind of person who ghosts people, but I don’t feel the connection is there.” Please report repeat ghosters as we do monitor it, and if you are a repeat offender see Rule 1.


8. Don’t harass or stalk people as we monitor this. Also don’t do anything else that you wouldn’t do or say in front of your parents. See Rule 1.


9. If you promote buying or selling of any crypto currencies or any other Ponzi schemes you are too dumb to be on FOBO and will be banned without warning. See Rule 1.

10. Anyone submitting a post or commenting on posts who doesn't have a profile picture of themselves will have their post and/or comments deleted. See Rule 1.


Finally, Have fun! Be kind, courteous, friendly, funny, engaging, and respectful.


Be proud of who you are regardless of your size, age, height, achievements or your insecurities there is someone out there for everyone and these are the characteristics that will generate the most interest your perspective “happily ever after person.” They are also the characteristics that will win you new friends and opportunities.


But most of all these characteristics are the easiest way to avoid Rule 1. 😉


Team FOBO.

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