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Join the Fobo Matchmaking Experiment

Community led friendship, matchmaking and dating. No subscriptions, No upgrades, No adverts and we don't sell your data!

There are 5 Steps to the Fobo Matchmaking Experiment. Step 1 is to complete the registration below. Before you do this please remember if you provide inaccurate or misleading information you are unlikely to get the outcomes you would like.


We do not share any of the information submitted with anyone, this includes the two photographs we require for the matching process.

Once completed we will share Steps 2-5 with you...

Fobo can accurately match you with potential partners by answering 30 simple questions with complete honestly. Matching is done by humans not machines!

Before you start its important to know that our experience is in matching heterosexual relationships between men and women. We acknowledge that there are many people that don't fit into this category and hope to extend our knowledge in the future. 

Lets start with the safety of your information!

And now your pledge to provide accurate information.

Time to get to know your basic information.

Tell us about your work, family and living arrangements.

Now you are on the home stretch...

Time to share your smile with Fobo!

We require 2 up to date photo's of you. They will not be shared with anyone and its important that they are honest pictures of you to get the best matching results. 

Photos with filters, that contain other people or that are obviously out of date will be rejected. 

Smiling Portrait
Smiling mouth closed
Full height dressed

The more people that join, the more connections we will match you with. Please share with your friends or other singles you know including people you see on dating apps! I’ve joined the Fobo matchmaking experiment lets see if we match on Fobo?.

All Fobo matchmaking participants are matched by humans. There is a one off fee for this service of £25.00. Please confirm that you agree to this single payment. 

Reminder. Your data and pictures are for matching purposes only and will not be shared with any third parties.

Information collected is used to build your "Fobo Matchmaking Profile" and your personalised "Fobo Steps to Success Portrait".

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