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The FOBO Story So Far…


FOBO began in 2017 with a simple goal in mind. To use technology to make it easier for single people to meet each other in real-life, real-time to find meaningful relationships.


After 3 years of researching the online dating industry FOBO discovered that less than 10% of dating app users found lasting relationships but those that met in traditional ways at work, through mutual friends, gyms, coffee shops, bars, clubs, and the many other ways that people met before online dating began were much more successful.

Writing on a Notebook


FOBO spotted the obvious solution... Use today’s technology to connect people in the way lasting relationships were found in the past!


The journey began by creating over 400 groups on Facebook. These groups are designed to create an online community of singles where people can chat and get to know each other through topical conversation on the group wall. The next step was to move these conversations offline and for people to meet in a group environment or simply knowing where the singles are going out on the last Saturday of each month.


FOBO still has its Singles Saturdays on Facebook but now it has its own website and app too. The main reason for this is that to prevent spam Facebook algorithms don’t always notify group members of the latest news and views of the FOBO Community. By joining your local Community on you can chose what updates you want to receive and can even follow favourite contributors, share your views, contact other community members and more!


FOBO groups on Facebook and on the website are fully moderated to ensure the FOBO Community Standards are upheld.


Since it began FOBO has achieved many lasting relationships including engagements, weddings and even babies so why not join today and bring your friends along too.


Lets build something new, different, exciting and free together!



Favourite Option Being Offline

“What I like about FOBO is we know where to go to bump in to other singles the last Saturday of the month. Its so much better than guessing!”

— Alice in Manchester

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