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How does FOBO work?

Its simple! We tell you where people are hanging out and you go  there and meet new friends or find a date, by flirting ;-)

Will people be able to track me on a night out?

Absolutely not! FOBO is about connecting single people in real life but the only way to find out if someone is single is to start a real-life conversation....

Do I have to be single to join the FOBO community?

No but you do need to have at least 1 single friend who has joined. We all need a Wing Person right!?!? See FAQ's.  Click Here

I love FOBO the idea is so simple, and I’ve made lots of new friends.

I was tired of swiping I tried swapping to FOBO and haven’t looked back!!

What I like about FOBO is you don’t even need to match with people to chat with them

I use FOBO to find out where singles are hanging out on the last Saturday of the month



If you are tired of the swiping culture, never getting any matches or have no one to chat to then FOBO is the community for you!


With FOBO you don't need to match to be able to message other users and you can get to know them and share your views through your local FOBO Community which can be found through the Communities button.

We also encourage people to get out and meet people in their local communities as there is no better way to meet someone than in real life! But FOBO goes one step further as each group has a location we recommend singles go to meet other singles the last Saturday of each month. These aren't organised events just recommended locations for finding and flirting with other singles. 

As the communities grow there will be organised events and activities all aimed at meeting people in real life and if you want to brush up on your dating knowledge we highly recommend visiting our Insights and videos pages.

FOBO is all about its communities and their members. With your support and involvement our aim is to create many more meaningful matches and connections than the dating apps have in recent years. 

So what are you waiting for? Click below and join your local FOBO Community today!

Why not become part of our team too? 


Build Confidence

Joining your local community means that you can chat to other local singles, make new friends and build you confidence to meet people in real life.

Boost Your Mood

If you find yourself sitting in a coffee shop, bar, the gym flicking through your phone browsing the latest social feeds, dating apps with zero interaction back then FOBO Communities is the way to go. Instant fun, instant feedback with real people.  

Want to know where the singles are hanging out?

Then check out your local communities Events tab. The last Saturday of each month FOBO tells you the best place to go to meet other local singles. 

How will you know who is single?

Flirt! This is the most exciting thing about FOBO you actually get to catch someone's eye across a room and to flirt with them. Before the swiping culture of hot or not began this is how people met and best of all it ALWAYS worked! 


Got Questions? Then drop FOBO a message.

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