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FOBO is all about community, shared experiences, and learning.


FOBO sees the future of dating as merging present technology, with the past ways of meeting to connect singles in real-life and real-time so they can flirt, connect, and date.


We will tell you where singles are hanging out and you can go there and flirt with them!

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FOBO – Meet in Real Life


FOBO is also all about meeting in real life. During the time the communities growing we will share with you the best local venues to find other singles the last Saturday of each month. These are not hosted organised events; they are a simple heads up of where to go if you would like to meet other singles.


But how will you know who is single?


This is simple, you look around, catch someone’s eye and flirt, yes flirt. Before online dating was invented this is how people met for hundreds of thousands of years and it always worked! Also because no one can see your picture you will be more secure from stalking.

FOBO Communities


The FOBO communities are moderated by humans and requests to join the communities are checked by humans. 


Why does FOBO do this?


Because we take the safety and quality of community members seriously. Whilst it takes longer for community members to join, once they are in the community, they can enjoy the community knowing that there are unlikely to be any fake members. Anyone that posts any content that breaks the community will be removed immediately and blocked. Also, if a member appears to have broken the law, FOBO will not be making it difficult for the police to obtain any information they require. 

If you have any negative intentions FOBO is not the place for you.


FOBO Communities are a great place to share experiences, knowledge, learning, and to make new friends or to find a wingman or wing woman to join you on a night out.

Do you have to be single to join FOBO?


No. Through experience we found that the best way to reduce the chances of people cheating on dating apps is to have a singles focused community that allows people in relationships to join. We found that the community quickly exposed people looking to cheat by others that know them and calling them out.


A classic example of this was in a test group with over 1,000 members. An attractive guy joined and posted a selfie, the girls started hitting on him until one said, “Hi Steve, how’s your wife?” Steve quickly left the community never to be seen again!

“I would recommend FOBO to anyone who doesn't get many matches or dates on all the old apps like Tinder."

— Aaron in Newcastle

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