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FOBO is all about community, and like all communities the activities and behaviours are determined by those overseeing and caring for the community. 

FOBO recognises the importance of this, which is why we welcome the involvement of the members who would like to become Guardians, Admins, Moderators , Brand Ambassadors, Writers, Content Creators, Hosts and Organisers for FOBO.

During the time FOBO is growing all of these roles are voluntary but as FOBO grows we will reward the community members who adopt these roles in many different ways including financially. FOBO is not owned by a big corporation so we don't need to make massive profits to pay shareholder dividends, but we do aim to make sufficient money to share with community volunteers to say thank you.

The scope of each role is below an we welcome your expressions of interest. Ideally we would like people from all regions of the UK.

Mother and Daughter Love

Guardians: These are the people ensuring that Admins and all other roles have the support they need. In addition the Guardians will monitor, amend and update Community information, guidelines and ensure that Admins and Moderators are treating community members fairly. They will also be the last point of contact for dispute resolution.

Total Number of Guardians: 9

Booking a Meeting

Admins: These will take care of the day to day group activity. They will support Community Moderators and ensure that community members have posts to engage with, that members are interacting in the way the Community Guidelines require and they will be the first point of contact for Moderators when a member raises a dispute. 

Total Number of Admins: 31


Brand Ambassadors: If you are good at "spreading the word" or getting others involved this is the perfect role for you! FOBO will have content, activities and events for all ages so are looking for people from all warps of life, including University Students, Sports Club members, Charity Organisers or if you simply have a big network of friends or Social Media following you will love this role.

Total Number of Brand Ambassadors: 5,000

Music Writer

Writers: FOBO is creating new content everyday and to ensure that the content is top quality we like to get local Writers to both write and edit and content. The skills will really come in to their own when they write articles for the press or use their wordsmith skills to create some of the new videos planned for the community.

Total Number of Writers: Unlimited

Couple Selfie
Group Running

Content Creators: We all know how imaginative content creators can be, how they can make something dull seem inspirational with their charismatic personalities and ingenious creative skills. If you fall in to this category FOBO is the perfect place to showcase your skills. Why not email us with an example of how you can make a single word "FOBO" appeal to your audience!

Total Number of Content Creators: Unlimited

Hosts & Organisers: We all know those people that are the leaders of the pack when it comes to organising anything! The sort of person who will set up a WhatsApp Group and get everyone onboard in a heartbeat for the next festival, live band, tennis match, skiing holiday and more. These are the people at the heart of changing the way people meet and we want you onboard!

Total Number of Organisers & Hosts: Unlimited

“I love the FOBO Communities as I don't have to swipe and match anymore. I can get to know people and share my homour on the community posts!”

— Michael in Cambridge

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