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Who can join FOBO?

Anyone can join FOBO.

Why don't you have to be single to join FOBO?

Because in life people have friends who are single and others who are in relationships. Allowing friends of single people to join means they can help their friend find a partner, but it also makes it harder for people to cheat on their partner.

Do you have to be single to join FOBO?

No. Whilst FOBO is a singles focussed community you don't have to be single to join.

How does it make it harder for people to cheat?

By allowing people who aren't single to join means they have full access to the communities, this means if they see somebody they know is pretending to be single they will quickly get found out.

What happens if someone gets reported as pretending to be single?

The admin team will request that the person accused of cheating confirms on the group wall that they are single. Anyone who is trying to cheat usually leaves very quickly at this point.

Can people in relationships join the events and activities?

Yes of course. Who better to accompany you to an event or activity is there than someone who knows you well and can help bring out the best in your personality. Also people don't always have a single friend to go to events and activities with.

How much does it cost to use FOBO?

FOBO is completely free. It does need to make money to cover technical and administration costs but there are no plans to charge a subscription.

Why won't FOBO be trying to cash in with every opportunity they have?

Because FOBO has low running costs and unlike big corporations we don't have shareholders demanding big dividends.

Do you have a FAQ that you would like FOBO to answer?

If so please contact us today and we will be happy to help. Contact

Does this mean that FOBO will be full of adverts or will be selling the members data?

No. We have no plans to sell the members data and if that ever changes we will request your permission first. There are also no plans to flood FOBO with adverts at this time. We may in the future allow one local advertiser to sponsor their local group in future but no more than that.

Is it possible to become part of the FOBO team?

Yes absolutely. FOBO is all run by the community, for the community. Please see the Join the Team page here.

“I love the FOBO Communities as I don't have to swipe and match anymore. I can get to know people and share my homour on the community posts!”

— Michael in Cambridge

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